Sado Island Taiko Centre (Tatakokan)

Beat the drums gently in time with the pace of island life!

Sado Island is a treasure trove of traditional Japanese culture and nostalgic scenery and Sado Island Taiko Centre (also called Tatakokan) is surrounded by the warm embrace of lush natural surroundings. The Centre has large balconies that overlook Mano Bay and the Osado mountain range, providing visitors with stunning natural views all year round.

“Taiko Experience” programs and a range of other events, including “quilting experience” and Sado’s unique “soba noodle making experience” (November to March), are on offer here throughout the year. 

The Taiko Experience program is led by members of “Kodo,” a drumming performance group based in Sado that performs around the world. Participants can use drums to play games together and feel the thrill and enjoyment of beating out a rhythm on the drums in perfect synchrony with other participants. Both the group course (90 mins) and individual course (60 mins) require reservations at least two days in advance, and the individual course will go ahead even with only one participant.

General Information

Individual (60 minute) course
Adults 2,000 yen
Elementary school students 1,000 yen
Pre-school children free (accompanied by an adult)
Opening Times
Monday (Tuesday if Monday falls on a national holiday)
10 minutes by car from Ogi Port
30 minutes by car from Akadomari Port
60 minutes by car from Ryotsu Port
Car Park
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