Jakushoji Temple

A temple for marriage that is called the Izumo of the west and the Wakamatsu of the east

Jakushoji Temple is a historic temple that was founded by Gyoki approximately 1,300 years ago. The lyrics of hanagasa ondo (traditional ballad) used in the hanagasa dance - a summer tradition in Yamagata - contains a Wakamatsu-sama:  ""medeta, medetano, Wakamatsu-sama yo (admired, admired, Wakamatsu-sama)."" It is said the the Jakushoji Temple here is this Wakamatsu-sama.

This temple is called the Izumo of the west and the Wakamatsu of the east. It enshrines Wakamatsu Kannon - the deity of marriage. If you want to visit with a wish for marriage, you can receive a blessing at the Marriage Prayer Festival held on the first Sunday of every month from April to December. After the prayer festival, make sure to listen to the grateful words of the chief priest and shake his hand. Those who shake the chief priest's hand may well be blessed with a good match! Ema (small wooden plaques for writing down prayers) only available at the Prayer Festival are also on sale. You can always ring the Enfuku Daifurin (marriage blessing wind chimes) near the bell tower. Slowly ring the wind chimes three times with your prayer for a good match or good fortune and then clasp your hands together silently.

The grounds of the temple are dotted with historic cultural properties. These include the Jakushoji Temple Kannon Hall that has been designated a nationally important cultural property. There is also Oku no In inner shrine that enshrines the goddess of arts and wisdom Benten, Jizo-do that enshrines Kshitigarbha embracing a child (child rearing Kshitigarbha), Ganzan Daishi-do hall and a bell tower. The maples planted in the grounds of the temple turn bright red in the fall. This has made it known as a famous spot for fall leaves. In addition, there is a trail up to the summit of the mountain from in the grounds of the temple that is an approximately 30-minute round-trip journey. You can look out at the whole of Tendo from the city. You can also see Mt. Gassan in the distance on a fine day. It truly is a spot with a wonderful view.

Jakushoji Temple is also known as the first of the 33 Mogami Kannon amulet-issuing temples that unveils a statue of Kannon in years of the rat once every 12 years. There is even a hokora (small wayside shrine) in the grounds of the temple enshrining part of the spirits found in the 33 Kannon temples. Therefore, you should come here if you can't visit all those temples.

General Information

●Approx. 15 minutes by car from JR Tendo Station
●Approx. 18 minutes by car from Tendo IC on the Tohoku Chuo Expressway
*The slopes are extremely slippery during the winter. We recommend you visit with a four-wheel drive vehicle.
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