Tsunami Remains Taro Kanko Hotel

A building recognised as remains of the tsunami

The Taro Kanko Hotel was flooded up to the fourth floor in the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the first and second floors were completely destroyed. Its condition after the disaster has been preserved as tsunami remains, and the appearance of the building tells the tale of the destructive power of the tsunami.

If you sign up for the guided disaster prevention workshop called ""Manabu bosai"" that gives you a tour of the building, you will be able to watch video footage taken from the sixth floor of the hotel of the tsunami coming ashore. The footage was filmed with a video camera from the sixth floor of the hotel by the president of the old Taro Kanko Hotel.

Visiting the outside of the building is free, but the tour inside requires a reservation. Please book in advanced before visiting.

General Information

Internal building tours (requires reservation in advance)
4,000 yen/hour as a contribution in support of reconstruction, which consists of one guide from a single person up to one bus of participants
● About 20 minutes on foot from Taro Station on the Sanriku Railway
● About 140 minutes by car from JR Morioka Station
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Disaster Prevention Education Section, Miyako Kankokyokai
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