Rock-Breaking Cherry Tree

The tree grows from a split rock! A famous cherry blossom where you can feel the power of life

An Edohiganzakura cherry tree is growing within the premises of the district courthouse of Morioka, measuring 4.3 metres in circumference and 10 metres high, and is said to be 360 years old. The fact that the tree grows from a split 21-metre granite boulder is a testament to the power of life. The tree blooms beautifully every year from mid-April, and the cherry blossom festival is filled with many citizens and tourists. In the spring, the sunlight shining through the tree is a beautiful sight during the day, and the cherry blossoms at night also has special atmosphere. The tree was made a natural monument by the government in 1923.

The courthouse is open from 08:30-17:45, but you can still look at the tree after hours from the pavement. Temporary tour bus parking is set up when the tree's blossoms are in full bloom, but you should use the nearby paid parking for general vehicles (regular cars).

The city of Morioka is also home to the Moriokashidare cherry tree at Ryukokuji Temple, which is also designated as a natural monument. It is extremely rare in Japan that multiple cherry trees in one city have been given this designation. Morioka is the northernmost area of Japan where cherry blossoms have been designated as natural monuments.

General Information

● About 20 minutes on foot and about 8 minutes by bus from JR Morioka Station
● About 20 minutes from Morioka Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
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