Senjojiki Coast

Feel as though you have landed on another planet! Take a walk on a vast rocky beach

Senjojiki Coast features a vast ledge that is said to be where a nobleman spread out 1,000 tatami mats and held a banquet long ago. The sight of the strangely shaped rocks called various names such as Ebisu Rock and Kabuto Rock extending out on the coastline is a highlight. It is a spectacle that will give you a wonderous feeling like that of landing on another planet. These uniquely shaped rocks form a silhouette with the evening sun in the background at sunset. It is famous as one of the best places to see the evening sun. It has even been chosen as one of the top 100 sunsets in Japan.

The coast has also been chosen as one of the 55 best bathing spots in Japan. It is a spot that is very popular for sea bathing and camping in the summer. You find shops selling grilled squid nearby. This is a unique sight like a curtain of many dried squid.

Senjojiki Coast is located just across the road from Senjojiki Station of the rapid Resort Shirakami train on the Gono Line. This is an unmanned station without a station building or even walls. There is even a train that stops here for about 15 minutes so tourists have time to take a stroll, so make sure to check the timetable! The steam whistle that sounds to signal that it is a few minutes before departure invokes the sentiment of your trip.

General Information

Opening Times
●Swimming Area Opening Period
Early July to mid-August
*This is subject to change depending on the weather and other conditions.

Showers, dressing rooms, restrooms, cafeteria, flush toilets (wheelchair accessible) and a natural seawater pool
*There are lifeguards
●1 minute on foot from JR Senjojiki Station
Car Park
There is a free parking lot
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Fukaura Town Tourism Division
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