Apple Pie Guide

Apple pie from Hirosaki, the largest producer in Japan.

Hirosaki is the largest producer of apples in Japan. The "king of the apple kingdom" introduces apple pies in the "city of apples." This guide publishes the 43 types of apple pies served in Hirosaki City, and stores where you can eat apple pie inside are also introduced with the "eat-in" symbol. In Hirosaki City, there are a variety of stores selling creative apple pies, including Western and Japanese sweets stores, bakeries, and cafes. The tourism concierges at the Hirosaki Municipal Tourist Center and the Hirosaki Tourist Information Center have created an apple pie guide map with apple pie information and PR comments based on their impressions from researching and tasting the products at stores selling apple pie. How about walking from store to store trying the apple pies using the guide? 

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