Osaki Hachimangu Shrine

The main building of the shrine is designated as a national treasure: The splendid decorations are magnificent!

This shrine was founded in 1607. Date Masamune, a daimyo leader in the Warring States period (1467 to 1590), invited one of the leading masters of the times to build it. It has been worshipped as a god of protecting from misfortune, warding of calamities, encouraging luck, bringing certain victory and delivery easy childbirth by the citizens of Sendai both now and in the past as a the general local deity of Sendai. Vivid and richly colored sculptures have been coated with all-black lacquer coating and given luxurious and gorgeous ornaments. It has been designated as a national treasure building. The long floor in front of the main building of the shrine has been designated as an important cultural property. This has a simple wooden structure in contrast to the main building of the shrine. You can understand the  refinement of Momoyama culture from this contrast.

Many citizens gather here for festivals. These include the New Year's Day Festival and a regular grand festival in September. In particular, Matsutaki Festival (Donto Festival) brings together many people. This is a festival held on January 14 in which people pray for sound health and the safety of their families by burning New Year's decorations in the grounds of the shrine. The fire at this time is called gojinka. There is an event to visit the shrine wearing a white cloth wrapped around your body at this time with an eye on this fire. The sight of thousands of people visiting from all over the town is known across Japan as customary event of the winter of Sendai - City of Trees.

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● 15 minutes on foot from Kunimi Station on the JR Senzan Line
● 15 minutes on foot from Tohokufukushidaimae Station on the JR Senzan Line
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