Choshi Otaki Falls

A dynamic waterfall on the main course of the Oirase Stream

Choshi Otaki Falls is the leading waterfall on the main course of the Oirase Stream that boasts one of the most beautiful valleys in Tohoku with Lake Towada serving as its source. It has a height of 7 meters with a width of 20 meters. This dynamic figure attracts visitors. The water that flows down generates a lot of splashes. It will heal you with its negative ions.

This waterfall is called a waterfall that stops fish because it rejects fish who swim up Oirase Stream in an attempt to enter Lake Towada. Accordingly, it is said that fish cannot live in Lake Towada. The magnificent and wonderful volume of water is like a guardian protecting the mystery of Lake Towada even today. 

You can appreciate the attractions of each season here - the fresh green leaves in the spring, the deep green leaves in the summer, the colored leaves in the fall and the ice cascade in the winter.

General Information

●Approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes by car from Aomori Station to Nenokuchi and then approx. 30 minutes on foot from Nenokuchi
●Approx. 2 hours and 25 minutes by Mizuumi-go bus from Aomori Station and then approx. 5 minutes on foot after getting off at Choshi Otaki
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