Torigoe Falls


Feel the spiritual energy flowing through this awe-inspiring waterfall!

Walking along Kakkonda Gorge and coming out of Takinoue Tunnel, the stunning Torigoe Falls appears before visitors’ eyes. The roaring water, falling 30 metres over a steep cliff face into a plunge pool below is breath taking! Thanks to its location near Takinoue Onsen, the waterfall has a unique atmosphere with a scent of sulphur and clouds of white steam. The clear emerald green water in the plunge pool is mesmerising in beautiful contrast with the natural surroundings of verdant greens and multi-coloured autumn leaves.

After a walk along the river gorge why not visit Takinoue (“top of the falls”) Onsen located (as its name suggests) at the top of Torigoe Falls and relax in this hot spring nestled in the mountains!

The nearby Kakkonda Geothermal Power Plant is an eye-catching structure standing majestically in the natural surroundings.

Please note that the surrounding roads are closed during winter (from late November to late April). Be sure to confirm the road status before travelling.

General Information

Entry is prohibited during the winter season (from late November to late April) as the roads are closed.
55 minutes by car from Morioka IC on Tohoku Expressway
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