Yunokami Onsen Station

Truly photogenic! Japan's only thatched station building

This station on the Aizu Railway Line is the only one in Japan where the station building has a thatched roof. Another charming point is the hearth that can be found in the waiting room. Here you can warm yourself and enjoy a cup of tea as you wait for your train to arrive. Not only does this open hearth add to the countrified experience, it is also useful as a means of keeping insects away from the thatched roof, as the smoke rises up to repel them. Next to the station building is the Oyakojizo-no-yu foot bath that is fed by a natural spring, enabling you to dip your feet in the warm water and relax.

The area around the station is also famous for its rows of cherry trees. In April when the cherries bloom, many people visit to see the beautiful combination of the thatched station building, together with gloriously blooming cherries and passing trains. Spring is not the only time to visit, as each season has its own unique appeals that enhance the beauty of the station: the dark green of the mountains in summer, the golden leaves arrayed across the mountains in autumn, and the deep and fluffy snow of winter.

This station is also convenient as the starting point for travel to Ouchijuku.

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