Roadside Station Tono Kaze-no-Oka

This roadside station is known for its giant wind turbine

Located on National Route 283, its impressive wind turbine makes it the perfect place to take a break from driving. In addition to tourist information and road information, it also has a produce hall that sells agricultural products coming directly from producers in Tono and restaurants. At the restaurants, you can find the popular dishes of Kuretsubo soba, gyoja garlic ramen, and hittsumi set meals that make use of local Tono ingredients. It is also the only place in Japan where you can enjoy Tono's specialty, Genghis-Khan-style mutton on skewers. The rest hall, which leads to the observation deck, has a cafe corner, TV, and tatami space where you can stretch your legs.

The spiralled Magnus wind turbine, the symbol of Kaze-no-oka, is an unusual windmill whose blades are shaped like a screw. Since this area is known for its biting winds (samukaze), the turbine is used for power for lighting and air conditioning of the facilities.

General Information

Opening Times
● 1 April - 15 October
● 16 October - 31 March

[Local produce and products hall]
● 1 April - 15 October
● 16 October - 31 March

[Ryoshi seafood shop]

[Restaurant Kazaguruma]
● About 5 minutes from Tono Interchange on the Kamaishi Expressway
● About 10 minutes by car from JR Tono Station
Car Park
● Regular vehicles: 161 spaces
● Large vehicles: 14 spaces
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