Minamisanriku Sun Sun Shopping Village

Minamisanriku Sansan Shotengai

Market streets lined with a variety of local shops, the popular “Kira Kira Don” is a must-try!

Minamisanriku Sun Sun Shopping Village is a popular market area in the town of Minamisanriku. It was originally opened as a temporary market in 2012 by shop owners devastated by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Many people, both tourists and locals, returned after its reopening as a permanent market in 2017.

The market was constructed under the design of the acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The terraced houses made of regional cedar wood are home to eateries, fishmongers, souvenir shops and much more.

Don’t miss the local specialty “Kira Kira Don”, a dish packed with seafood and sashimi on white rice!

Visitors can also enjoy a panoramic view of Shizugawa Bay while strolling around the market. See the genuine Moai statue donated to the town from Easter Island to promote friendship between Chile and Japan!

The market is conveniently located in front of a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stop. Visitors can enjoy this local transit experience along with the beautiful scenery along the coast of Minamisanriku.

In addition to the shopping village Minamisanriku has much to offer. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from Mount Tatsugane, marvel at the two massive rocks of Cape Kamiwarizaki (according to legend broken by God himself) or be fascinated by the stunning glow of the morning sky at Kamiwarizaki Campground!

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