Japan Kokeshi Museum

This is the place to seen Kokeshi, with countless dolls everywhere!

Naruko Onsen is the place with the longest history of producing Kokeshi dolls. Most of the dolls on display at the Japan Kokeshi Museum were donated by the famous poet and children’s story writer Kaname Fukazawa, and others were donated from around the country by Kokeshi craftspeople, who sent their creations to Naruko for the Kokeshi Festival. The museum was originally established to house all these donated dolls.

In addition to seeing exhibits of Kokeshi dolls from every region of Tohoku, there is also a demonstration corner where you can see for yourself how the dolls are made, including everything from the sawing of the wood to painting on a turntable. There is even a corner where visitors can paint their own original doll. Why don’t you sit down to paint your own unique Kokeshi? The painted dolls are polished with wax to a high shine and you can take yours home with you on the day that you make it.

Right in front of the museum is an enormous handcrafted Kokeshi, which is perfect for a commemorative photo.

General Information

Adults 400 yen (groups 320 yen)
Junior-high and high school students 160 yen (groups 130 yen)
Elementary school students 120 yen (groups 100 yen)
Opening Times
April to November 8:30-17:00
December 9:00-16:00
Closed from January 1 to March 31 each year
5 minutes by taxi from Naruko-Onsen Station on the JR Rikuu East Line
40 minutes by car from the Furukawa Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
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