Irimizu Limestone Cave

Enticing underground thrills await those with a fearless heart! Welcome to a world of adventure!

Designated as a national natural monument, Irimizu Limestone Cave gives visitors a real taste of the thrill of full-fledged caving. The narrow cave runs for a total of approximately 900m and there are three courses to choose as you enter, either A, B, or C.

Course A is 150m one way and takes approximately 30 minutes. Course B runs for 600m and takes about an hour. Course C is the longest at 900m and takes about 90 minutes. If you are worried about your stamina it is recommended to choose Course A. The most popular course is Course B and as the cave is still very much in its natural form, visitors all have to walk through 10-degree cold water up to their knees, relying on the light of torches or candles, as they crouch and crawl through the cracks and crevices in the cave. It’s a tough but thrilling course and the feeling of achievement when you finally see daylight again is the best! Course C requires advance reservation as it can only be accessed with the assistance of a guide. You will make your way through total darkness with only your torch and your guide to help you.

You need to be fully prepared for this adventure. You can rent candles, raincoats and rubber shoes at the ticket counter at the entrance. Walking through a cave by the light of a candle is an experience that is not available in many caves around the world. If you plan on going right to the end of Course B or Course C, bring a change of clothes as you can expect to get very wet.


General Information

A course
Adults 600 yen
Elementary and junior-high school students 500 yen

B course
Adults 800 yen
Elementary and junior-high school students 600 yen
Opening Times
Summer (Early March to late October) 8:30-17:00
Winter (Later October to early March) 8:30-16:30
Open year round
20 minutes by car from Ono Interchange on the Ban'etsu Expressway
5 minutes by taxi from Sugaya Station on the JR Ban'etsu East Line
Car Park
Yes (80 spaces)
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