Hijiori Onsen

A hot spring with a relaxing atmosphere for your soul

Hijori Onsen is a hot spring district that still today retains the atmosphere of a traditional spa resort. It is attractive for its high-quality hot water that flows from the source and its spacious and simple streets. The former post office building in the middle of the hot spring district is a stylish building that suddenly appears in these old streets. The retro atmosphere is great for photographs. You will find edible wild plants and fruits produced locally and homemade side dishes in the famous morning market! Why don't you wake up a little earlier than usual and go shopping while enjoying a relaxing conversation with the women you will meet here?

Hijiori Onsen, which is located deep in the mountain, is famous as one of Japan's leading heavy snowfall areas with snow cover exceeding 3 meters. Many winter events are held here where it is only possible to do so because it is a heavy snowfall area. The weekends from late January to February welcome the Snowy Dream Corridor in which the flames of candles gently light up the snow wall exceeding 3 meters. The Jimendashi Kyoso is held in late February. This is a competition in which competitors single-mindedly dig up snow with a shovel to see how fast they reach the earth of the ground. There are many events in mid-March. You can see the appearance of a giant snowman called Okura-kun and a winter fireworks show. In addition, there are also campaigns that will give you a discount on accommodation charges the heavier the snowfall. If the snowfall exceeds the greatest ever snowfall, you can stay in accommodation one night for free. This is one of the highlights of a trip here!

The Sansai Festival is held in mid-May to mid-June. You can try edible wild plants grown in Hijori deep in the mountains at each ryokan (Japanese inn) during this festival. Hijiori Light held from late July to mid-September is also a popular event. Hanging lanterns made by local artists are installed in front of the entrance of each ryokan to decorate the magical night. Why don't you soothe yourself by fully experiencing the four seasons of Japan in a good old hot spring district? 

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General Information

●Approx. 55 minutes by Okura Village bus or approx. 40 minutes by car from JR Shinjo Station
●Approx. 1 hours and 20 minutes by bus from Yamagata Airport (Reservation required at least two days in advance)
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