Hachimantai Onsenkyo

Hachimantai Onsenkyo

Enjoy a soak in one of the hot springs nestled in the magnificent natural surroundings of Hachimantai!

Mount Hachimantai is a mountainous plateau rising 1,613m above sea level stretching over Iwate and Akita prefectures. Thanks to its volcanic nature, Hachimantai Onsenkyo is home to a range of excellent hot springs including Tamagawa Onsen, Goshogake Onsen, Fukenoyu Onsen, Obuka Onsen and Onuma Onsen in Akita and Toshichi Onsen in Iwate.

These Onsen are popular with people coming for hot spring treatments. Among them, Tamagawa Onsen is especially popular as its water has been said since ancient times to be beneficial for all kinds of ailments. Goshogake Onsen features seven different hot spring baths including a mud bath and unique wooden-box steam baths, while Toshichi Onsen at the highest point of Tohoku offers an open-air bath with stunning panoramic views of the natural surroundings as well as the chance to have a fantastic soak under the starry night sky.

Located in the Towada-Hachimantai National Park, visitors can enjoy trekking in the natural surroundings and then refresh in a hot spring afterwards.

Close to the Hachimantai Aspite Line, Hachimantai Onsenkyo is the perfect place to have a rest while enjoying a scenic drive. The driving route features the famous Snow Corridor, with incredible snow walls as high as eight metres on either side of the road.

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