Jigokudani Walking Trail

Jigokudani Yuhodo

Feel the Earth’s force on this trail beside natural hot spring brooks!

The Jigokudani Walking Trail is a hidden gem nestled in the Onikobe Onsen district. While walking along the trail accompanied by the pleasant babble of the stream, you will come across wonderful scenes of burbling hot spring waters gushing out of the ground along with an ominous rising of steam. The area is true to its name of Jigokudani, or “Hell Valley”. Autumn brings a brilliant tapestry of colourful leaves to the trail.

A 30-minute walk from the car park leads to the Murasaki Jigoku (“purple hell”) where visitors can boil their own hot spring eggs. Be sure to bring along your own eggs if you would like to enjoy the unique experience of poaching eggs in the hot spring waters!

Please take care as very hot spring water flows beside the trail at a number of locations.

The dynamic Onikobe Geyser is also within walking distance from the trail. This thrilling site is a natural fountain of hot spring water spouting high up in the sky. A not-to-be-missed part of the trail experience!

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