Hachimantai Dragon Eye (Kagami-Numa Lake)(Semboku, Akita Prefecture)

Hachimantai Dragon Eye, a natural phenomenon that appears in a lake

The Hachimantai Dragon Eye is a mysterious sight caused by a natural phenomenon of Kagami-Numa Lake, located near the summit of Mt. Hachimantai from late May to early June. The snow falls and piles up over the lake during winter. When the spring comes and it starts to thaw, the snow in the middle creates a ring. Then the sunlight and the color of the sky shines on it, creating the Dragon Eye. 

Near Kagami-Numa Lake is the emerald-green Megane-Numa Lake, which has recently been dubbed the “Tears of Dragon” and is popular among tourists along with the Dragon Eye. The area around Kagami-Numa Lake, where you can easily take a stroll while straddling the border between prefectures, has many craters created by steam explosions, and you can see many swamps such as the Hachiman-Numa Lake and the Gama-Numa Lake, whose water accumulates in these craters. 

The view from the observatory is also recommended. Be sure to enjoy the vast panorama of nature when you visit.

After seeing the dragon eye, stop by some nearby places to eat and enjoy beautiful seasonal views.

The information center of Hachimantai Dragon Eye

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Snowmelt

General Information

秋田県仙北市田沢湖玉川 鏡沼(八幡平ドラゴンアイ)
[From Senboku, Akita Prefecture]
•By public transportation: Take the Shuhoku Bus or the Ugo Kotsu Bus from JR Tazawako Station
(Limited express train) Take the Hachimantai Line and get off at the Hachimantai Chojo (the summit) Bus Stop
•By car: From Tazawako, take Route 341 toward Tamagawa, and go to the top of Mt. Hachimantai via the Aspite Line

[From Kazuno, Akita Prefecture]
•By public transportation: From Lake Towada or Kazuno, he pre-booked sightseeing bus
Take the Hachiro Taro Bus and get off at the Hachimantai Chojo (the summit) Bus Stop
•By car: approx. 50 minutes by car from Kazuno-Hachimantai Interchange (Tohoku Expressway)

*It takes about 20 minutes on foot from the Hachimantai-peak Parking lot to Kagami-Numa Lake.
There will be snow in the middle of the trip. Please wear boots or non-slip shoes.
Car Park
Official Website
Semboku City
Approx. 60 minutes


・Semboku City Tazawako Tourist Information Center Folake
・Hachimantai Visitor Center
Telephone Number

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