January 10 – March 31 Aomori City Taxi Tour: Tsugaru Railway Stove Train and Goshogawara Sightseeing Plan(Aomori Prefectural Tourism Federation)

Round-trip taxi tour from Aomori City!Tsugaru Railway Stove Train and Goshowara sightseeing plan

January 10 – March 31: This taxi tour starts and ends in Aomori City. Ride one way on the Tsugaru Railway Stove Train, Aomori’s famous winter-only train! You can enjoy roasting surume (dried squid whose entrails have been removed) (additional fee) over the coal stove and Japanese sake (additional fee) sold in the train car while you gaze out from the train windows at the snowy landscape of the Tsugaru Plain. This tour will also stop at an exhibition of the 23-meter high dashi (decorative floats carried and towed about during festivals) used in Aomori Prefecture’s famous Tachineputa summer festival, and the Tsugaru Shamisen Hall, where you can listen to the shamisen (traditional three-stringed Japanese instrument. Western Aomori Prefecture has developed a genre of music called Tsugaru-jamisen, in which the player performs by striking the shamisen repeatedly with a bachi pick).

General Information

青森県青森市青森県青森市安方1-1-40 青森県観光物産館2階グローバルラウンジ
Party of 2: ¥12,000/person
Party of 3: ¥9,500/person
Party of 4: ¥8,000/person

Opening Times
9:00am - 6:00pm
6 hours
Minimum participants: 2


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