Rediscover Niigata Prefecture's charms by exploring the area around Tsukioka Onsen!

Tsukioka Onsen in Shibata, Niigata Prefecture, known for its emerald green hot springs, is a spot full of nature with idyllic countryside and majestic mountain views. There are a variety of shops located in the center of the hot spring town, so you can enjoy your time walking around town!

For example, Niigata Jizake Premium SAKE KURA is a collection of premium sake from all the breweries in Niigata Prefecture. You can enjoy tasting sake from 100 brands!

Near KURA is a speciality store Niigata Flour Premium POWDER BEI that carries items made with rice flour. Their new specialty usagi-yaki is cute and delicious!

If you want to learn about the history and culture of this area, take a short trip to the Northern Culture Museum. It tells the story of Echigo's most wealthy farmer.

Experience all the best parts of Niigata with a trip to Tsukioka Onsen! Are you ready to go out and explore?

Niigata Jizake Premium SAKE KURA carries famous sake from all of the sake breweries in Niigata

This is the only place where you can purchase sake from all of the sake breweries across Niigata Prefecture! Niigata Jizake Premium SAKE KURA located in Tsukioka Onsen Town sells 100 brands of premium sake brewed in Niigata Prefecture. 

If you find a brand you're interested in, you can sample it on the spot. If you purchase a tasting voucher (JPY 600 for a set of three) at the cash register, you can sample up to three glasses.

If you come across a sake you really like, you can purchase it there! Not only can you enjoy it yourself, but it would also make for a great souvenir for family and friends!

Discover your love for flour at Niigata Flour Premium POWDER BEI!

Niigata Flour Premium POWDER BEI, located in a beautifully renovated traditional Kominka folk house in Tsukioka Onsen Town, is a specialty shop that sells products made with rice flour from across Niigata Prefecture.

They also sell Tsukioka's new specialty, freshly baked Usagi-yaki, made with rice flour dough with various kinds of bean paste fillings, as well as other Japanese products.

After shopping for flour-based products you like at the shop, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the hot spring town while enjoying usagi-yaki and its chewy texture, similar to that of a rice cake.

Explore the beauty, history, and culture of Echigo at the Northern Culture Museum

The Northern Culture Museum preserves the residential estate of the Ito family, famous for being the largest landowner in the Echigo region from the Meiji period to the early Showa period, and allows access to visitors. The approximately 3,000㎡ site includes a main building, a large hall, a tea room, and a warehouse. The highlights include a building that took eight years to build during the Meiji era, a garden with beautiful plants and flowers throughout the seasons, and an art collection collected by the head of the Ito family.

The grounds are very spacious, so be sure to enjoy your tour while taking a break at a restaurant or coffee shop (restaurants and coffee shops are only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, and are closed during the winter season).

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