Fukushima Transportation 【Iiden 1 day Free Ride ticket】

Let's go to Iizaka Onsen by train! Benefical ticket for going to Iizaka Onsen Ride with everyone with only 800 yen! It is recommended that you use this ticket with children below elementary school ages

800 yen only on the date stated on the ticket 

Highly recommended to those who want to use with children under the elementary school age! 

The limit number of persons who can share a single ticket for unlimited rides for the whole day is ""1 adult, 1 elementary school student, 2 toddlers"". 

According to the seasons also, this ticket has 4 types, and for completing tickets from all 4 seasons you are eligible to receive a gift. 


< Bath tickets fo the public bath >


・Tennouji Anabarayu








You cannot use the bath at hotels/ryokans besides these 9 places listed as above. 


< Bonuses from stores along the train line >

If you show your Iiden 1 Day Free ticket at the stores located along the train line, you can enjoy some privileges. 

For more information visit https://ii-den.jp/data/kyosan.pdf

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