Experience Ichinoseki Daito Ohara Mizukake Festival, an Entirely Unusual Festival, and Japan’s Hospitality Culture(World Heritage Hiraizumi–Ichinoseki DMO)

Get an inside look into a vibrant Ichinoseki community & extreme winter festival

This tour lets you experience the lifestyle and bonds of Japanese people.

You and community members will create memories together through a variety of experiences.

On Day 1, you will enjoy views of Geibikei Gorge, one of the Hundred Landscapes of Japan, from aboard a kotatsu-bune (a boat that has tables with built-in heaters). You will then get a special look at the Senmaya Hinamatsuri girls’ day doll display. In the evening, you will have a tour of a sake brewery and get a try at mochitsuki, a Japanese practice of pounding rice cakes.

On Day 2, you will participate in Daito Ohara Mizukake Festival with a 360-year history (a festival in which men run in the streets praying for protection from fire and diseases and for the safety of their families while being splashed with cold water). After watching a traditional performing art, you will participate in the festival with local Japanese people. Following the festival, you will get to relax your body at a hot spring.

On Day 3, you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Chuson-ji Temple and the picturesque Genbikei Gorge, and learn about the history and culture of the region.

General Information

\165,000 (Incl. tax)
Opening Times
9:30am - 6:00pm
Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays (reception days)
Day 1: Meet at 10:15am, JR Ichinoseki Sta.
Day 3: Disband at 2:00pm, JR Ichinoseki Sta.
Minimum participants: 2
COVID-19 Prevention Measures: Providing hand sanitizing equipment, wearing masks, ventilating indoor spaces, etc.