New style of Tohoku Hot Springs, Hanamaki Onsenkyo, Long-stay Program(HANKYU TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.)

Make both your heart and body beautiful and healthy with a new style of hot springs "Osawa Onsen"; mountain village and "Namari Onsen" — Japan's deepest natural rock bath

Tohoku is the eminent hot spring location in Japan, where there are many excellent traditional Japanese hot springs which have a rich and unique history. The culture of Japan's original spa therapy has existed for thousands of years, and you can feel that deep culture and scenery that preserves remnants of the past. "Osawa Onsen" hot spring is a hotel in a mountain village beloved by many writers because it has a thatched roof, rustic furniture, and simple, nostalgic scenery, like being inside a painting. "Namari Onsen" has been popular since ancient times as a hot spring resort, famous for having the deepest natural rock bath in Japan. Starting from these two excellent and well-known hot springs that represent Hanamaki Onsenkyo, you can enjoy the World Cultural Heritage site Hiraizumi, its rural lifestyle experiences, activities in nature, and culture.