Nanokado Hadaka Mairi Festival

A traditional unusual festival in which loincloth-clad men climb a rope

The unusual festival known as Nanokado Hadaka Mairi is held annually on the night of 7 January in Yanaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture amidst the flickering bright light of bonfires. 

The festival is held at Fukuman Kokuzo Bosatsu Enzoji Temple. When the enormous bell rings, loincloth-clad men bravely compete amidst the intense cold to race up the 113 stone steps toward Kikkodo Hall (the main hall), and then climb one after another up the sturdy hemp rope hanging from the large gong. 

This unusual festival is associated with the legend that the people put their power together to drive away the dragon god who lives in the Tadami River. All men regardless of their age can participate. A changing area is also prepared, so how about participating to pray for a year of happiness and good health? Many tourists visit each year to see the sight of these brave men. 

General Information

Opening Times
From 20:00
● About a 10-minute walk from Aizu-Yanaizu Station on the JR Tadami Line
● About 7 minutes from the Aizubange IC on the Ban-etsu Expressway
Car Park
Official Website
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7 January each year
Fukuman Kokuzo Bosatsu Enzoji Temple (176 Ko, Jikemachi, Yanaizu-cho, Kawanuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture)


Yanaizu Tourism Association
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