Tokamachi Snow Festival

Welcome to a silvery white world and the progenitor of all modern snow festivals

Tokamachi Snow Festival was born from the ideas of local people to “befriend the snow and enjoy our time in it.” It is the first snow festival in Japan to be organised initially on the initiative of local residents and Tokamachi is therefore known as the “birthplace of modern snow festivals.”

The festival is full of tradition and appeal, including the snow sculptures created by local residents, and the ever-popular “Community Hiroba” with its warm hospitality. Each district devises and creates its own elaborate works of snow art, and these are dotted around the town. You will be amazed by the artistry of the sculptures, which build on the skills of a region renowned for its kimonos, as well as their impressive size.

In addition to full-fledged snow-based fun like the “Snowball Survival Game” and “Play Sword fighting on Snow,” there are also puzzles and treasure hunts, with areas around town featuring activities of various kinds to please everyone from the young to the old.

General Information

Tokamachi Station on the JR Iiyama Line or Hokuhoku Line
30 minutes by car from Muikamachi, Shiozawa-Ichiuchi or Echigo-Kawaguchi interchanges on the Kanetsu Expressway
Car Park
Official Website
Visit this website
Mid-February 2021
All districts of Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture


Tokamachi Snow Festival Implementing Committee
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