Oma tuna pole-fishing watching tour

This tour enables you to experience the limited area of tuna fishing, which only local fishermen are allowed to enter.

This is a tour that you can only experience in Oma, the sanctuary of pole-fishing for tuna with a single line. You will board a fishing boat and be taken into the midst of the single-line fishing where Oma's fishing boats are crowded together. Veteran fishermen will guide you and give you play by play explanations on the fishing. This is the only place where you can experience the excitement of watching when a fisherman grapples with a giant tuna. 

■2018 data: 75% chance of getting to the tuna fishing grounds! 25% chance of being there the moment a tuna is caught! If you are able to set sail without hitting a choppy day or other such conditions, you can be sure to see the tuna fishing fleet. Mr. Noritaka Izumi, a veteran tuna fisherman, will take you out on his boat and give you live commentary on the fishing as a guide!

◎Mr. Izumi's fishing boat, the 58th Ocean Maru, weighs 4.8 tons, and the fishing grounds are about 5 kilometers off the coast of Omazaki, about 20 minutes away. The trip time is usually about two hours, including the return back to land.

◎Before or after boarding, a meal can be arranged for an additional cost (from 3,500 yen per person) to enjoy Oma tuna.

◎In the event that the boat is unable to sail due to choppy seas, there is an alternative program called "Fishermen Teach All About Tuna Fishing and Guided Tour on Sharing Luck" (3,000 yen per person). Please contact us for details.

General Information

1 charter boat: 120,000 yen
Opening Times
Departure times are 10:00 or 13:00 *Negotiable
【Tour Period】From August to early October (except August 8-14) *Negotiable
■5 minutes by car from Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry's "Oma Terminal"
■60 minutes by car from JR Shimokita Station
Car Park
Parking is available at Oma Port
Official Website
Number of participants: 1-10 people
Meeting and dispersal area: In front of the Oma Town Fishing Revitalization Center of Oma Port


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