Hachimantai CAT POWDER RIDE by snowmobile TOURS(Clubman Mountain Guide)

Take a day tour through Hachimantai’s backcountry!

Powder riding in Daikoku-mori (around the former Hachimantai ski resort) using Hachimantai Snow Cat (snow caterpillar vehicle),Or, you can easily access the BC area that spreads out beyond that area and ski the best powder snow.Enjoy the luxury of powder riding in Hachimantai, the holy land of powder snow.

This tour is available by advance reservation only and requires a minimum of two participants. Reservations must be placed at least 3 days prior to the desired tour date, by telephone or designated online form.

General Information

¥30,800/person (tax incl.)
Foreign visitors:
Weekdays:¥43,120/person (tax incl.)
Weekends and holidays: 45,320 yen/person (tax incl.)

What the price includes:
- CAT vehicle fare
- Guide
- Travel insurance *Unfortunately, foreign travelers are ineligible for the insurance policy used and must have their own insurance cover.
Opening Times
Tour duration: 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (approx.)
Season: Early January to about Mid-March (dependent on snow conditions)
Private car: 5 minutes drive towards Hachimantai Summit from the Matsuo-Hachimantai IC exit of the Tohoku Expressway
Train: 15 minutes drive from Tairadate Station on the Hanawa Line from Morioka Station (free pickup available from Tairadate Station)
Bus: 80 minutes from Morioka Station (East Exit, bus stop 3) bound for Hachimantai Summit, get off at Matsuo Mine Museum (free pickup available from museum)
*Please inquire about pick up from nearby accommodation.
Car Park
Space for 8 vehicles
Official Website
Clubmman Mountain Guide
6 hours from departure to return
Eligible participants: Intermediate or higher level (i.e. able to handle any slope at a ski resort) snowboarders/skiers aged 13 years and older. Children must be accompanied by a guardian.
*We reserve the right to interview each participant in advance regarding their skill level. If you have any concerns about your skill or fitness level (including the trek up the slopes), please contact us to discuss.

Maximum group size: 8
Minimum group size: 2 *Solo tours are also possible if the participant is willing to pay the price of two people.
By phone or online form (please apply at least 3 days in advance)

Online form: https://www.clubman.co.jp/mailform/mousikomi_ac.html


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