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This traditional fire festival has been held annually for 420 years.

It is said that the festival was started to mourn the souls of the many people who lost their lives in the battle when Masamune Date's army attacked Sukagawa.

The huge torch, weighing 3 tons and measuring 10 meters high, is carried by the young people of Sukagawa and paraded through the streets before being set up at Goroyama, the venue for the festival.

The flames of the torches swaying to the roar of the torchlight drums are like a great picture scroll of the Warring States period (1467-1615).

The festival is usually held in November.

Please refer to the official website for information about the 2022 event.

■ Omotenashi Hiroba

The event will be held at the Omotenashi Hiroba (hospitality plaza), where sengoku nabe, torchlight soup, and local agricultural products will be sold. A commemorative photo session with armored warriors is also popular.

Location: Sukagawa Shinkin Bank Head Office Parking Lot

Time: 13:00-16:00

■ Shotaimatsu (Mini Torch) Making Experience

A wire is hung from the end of a bamboo stick and towels and other items rolled into a ball are tied to the wire. The staff will guide you through the process, so even small children can enjoy the experience. You can participate in the shotaimatsu parade at night with your shotaimatsu.

Place: In front of tette, Sukagawa Citizen's Exchange Center

Time: 13:00-16:00

Participation fee: Free*

Necessary tools will be provided.

■Taimatsu Procession

About 150 young men and women carry a large taimatsu, which measures 10 meters high and weighs 3 tons, and parade it through the streets to the venue, Goroyama. In addition to the large taimatsu, the procession includes a ""hime-taimatsu"" (princess torch) carried only by women and the ""hon-taimatsu"" (main torch) made by a junior high school in the city. You can see the size of the actual torches up close to realize how powerful they are.

■Event Schedule

Time 11:00~

Place Midorigaoka Park Shibafu Plaza

Notes Food and Beverage Corner

Time 13:00~16:00

Place Tette, Taimatsu Street,/Sukagawa Shinkin Bank (Parking Lot)

Notes Shotaimatsu-making Corner *You may participate in the Taimatsu Procession once you've completed your Shotaimatsu. Commemorative photo with an armored warrior/ Sale of agricultural products like Sengoku nabe (Warring States Stew) and torchlight soup banquet/ Taimatsu Akashi Historic Site and Ancient Battlefield Walk Meeting Point (15:15)

Time 13:30~14:10

Place Taimatsu Street, Yoshida Clinic

Notes Presentation of the Large Taimatsu and Hime-taimatsu

Time 13:45

Place Taimatsu Street, Near Miyazaki Town

Notes Hon-taimatsu Procession by Middleschool No. 1 Begins/ Hon-taimatsu Procession by Middleschool No. 3 Begins (approx. 400 people)

Time 15:00

Place Taimatsu Street, Yoshida Clinic

Notes Large Taimatasu and Hime-taimatsu Procession Begins with approx. 250 participants (Large Taimatasu: 150 people/Hime-taimatsu: 100 people)

Time 16:00

Place Midorigaoka Park Shibafu Plaza, etc.

Notes LED Light Installation along the path from Shibafu Plaza and Miyanotsuji to Midorigaoka Park

Time 16:45~17:00

Place Nikaido Shrine

Notes Gojinka Fire Ceremony: Transferring sacred fire to the taimatsu

Time 17:00~

Place Myoken Children's Park

Notes Group Shotaimatsu Procession Begins (approx. 700 shotaimatsu)

Time 17:30~18:15

Place Miharubashi Parking Lot

Notes Shotaimatsu Procession Begins (general): You may participate with a shotaimatsu you made yourself or purchased (500 yen for 1, limit of 100)

Time 18:00~20:15

Place Goroyama Special Stage

Notes Taimatsu Taiko Performance

Time 18:30

Place Goroyama

Notes Igniting the Large Taimatsu, followed by the hime-taimatsu and approx. 30 hon-taimatsu

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