Taimatsu Akashi Festival

Massive torches burn against the night sky! One of Japan’s three major fire festivals

The Taimatsu Akashi is one of Japan’s three major fire festivals that has been conducted for over 420 years. It is held on the second Saturday of November. 

The festival is said to have begun when Date Masamune captured the former Sukagawajo Castle 420 years ago, and the local people gathered together carrying a Taimatsu torch to protect the castle. This was later continued to memorialise the souls of the people who became soldiers. 

The massive torches weigh 3 tons and are 10 meters long. Each of the 30 massive torches is carried by 150 young men through the town and then brought up Mt. Gorozan to be lit. Amidst the reverberating majestic Taimatsu taiko drumming, the 30 torches are lit and the mountainside becomes enveloped in red flames. The flames of the torches lighting up the late autumn night sky is very intense! 

General Information

● About a 15-minute walk from Sukagawa Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line
● About 5 minutes from the Sukagawa Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
*Paid shuttle bus from Sukagawa Station or in front of the Sukagawa City Culture Center and the Botan-en Peony Garden parking lot
Car Park
Second Saturday of November each year
Sukagawa City, Fukushima Prefecture


Taimatsu Akashi Executive Committee Secretariat
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