National Treasure Ganjoji Temple Shiramizu Amida-do

The unparalleled main hall with a garden called Jodo Teien (Jodo, or "the pure land", is the Buddhist paradise) from the Heian period (794-1185) is the only building in Fukushima Prefecture that has been designated as a national treasure.

It is said that the temple was constructed by Princess Tokuhime, daughter of Fujiwara no Kiyohira, as a memorial to her husband, Iwaki Norimichi. 

It is a typical Amida-do Hall architecture of the late-Heian period. 

The beautifully curved roof and the Jodo (pure land) garden evoke harmony and grace. 

The Amida-do Hall is designated as a national treasure, and its three Amida statues (national treasures), Mochikuni and Tamon Tenno (national treasures) are enshrined there.

While there are only a few Amida halls from the Heian period still in existence, this is a unique one in that also has a Jodo garden.

Ancient lotuses bloom in full glory in the summer, and in the fall, large ginkgo and maple trees beautifully decorate the temple. 

It is the only building in Fukushima Prefecture that has been designated as a national treasure. 

・Amida-do Hall, National Treasure (March 29, 1952) 

・Shiramizu Amida-do Hall Precincts, National Historic Site (September 12, 1966) 

・Wooden Amida Nyorai and Two Flanking Attendants, National Important Cultural Property (April 15, 1903) 

・Wooden Standing Statue of Mochikuniten and Standing Statue of Tamonten, National Important Cultural Property (April 25, 1927) 

・Hokke Kyo (Buddhist scripture) woodblock, City-designated Tangible Cultural Property (December 27, 1968)

・Large Ginkgo of Shiramizu Amida-do Hall, City-designated Natural Monument (December 27, 1968)

General Information

Adult: 500 yen
Child (elementary school student only): 300 yen
Preschool children: Free
*Group discounts available
Opening Times
●April to October: 8:30-16:00
●November to March: 8:30-15:30
4th Wednesday of the month, February 3 (Setsubun-kai), Spring and Autumn equinox days, August 12-16 (Bon Festival Services), August 24 (Lantern Services), 2nd Wednesday and Thursday of December, December 25-31
●By car
 Approx. 20 minutes from Iwaki Chuo Interchange (Joban Expressway)
●By public transportation
 Approx. 5 minutes by bus from Uchigo Station (JR Joban Line)
Car Park
30 spaces (free of charge)
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