Omazaki Cape

The northernmost area of Honshu and a place where tuna are caught with a pole

The northernmost area of Honshu is one that you will want to visit if you are a traveler. There is a monument standing here with engraving stating that it is the northernmost area of Honshu. Accordingly, you can experience the feeling of coming to the land at the end of Honshu. It is only 17.5 kilometers to Shiokubi Cape in Hokkaido across the Tsugaru Strait. You can see Goryokaku Tower in Hakodate on a fine day.

The monument modeled on a 440-kilogram tuna caught with a pole by an Oma fisherman is the perfect place for a commemorative photograph. You will find the Omazaki Rest House tourist information center to the side of the monument. They will issue you a certificate stating you have arrived at Omazaki Cape at the northernmost area of Honshu for 200 yen. Please get this to commemorate your trip.

The tuna caught here in Oma Town is a top-quality product known across Japan under the brand name of Oma Maguro (Oma Tuna). The season for these tuna is from fall to winter when they eat plenty of the abundant feed in the Tsugaru Strait and then come to the seas off Oma. This tuna has fine quality fat distinctive of natural fish. Why don't you luxuriously try fresh first-class tuna caught with a pole in the home of this brand?

It takes about 10 minutes by taxi to reach Oma Terminal where ferries depart to Hakodate. Many people stop by here while they are waiting before and after departures and arrivals.


General Information

青森県大間町大字大間平17-1 大間崎
●Get off at Omazaki after boarding a Shimokita Kotsu bus at Mutsu/Sai-sen from JR Shimokita Station (time required: approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes)
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