Snowshoe trekking to Nanataki Frozen Waterfall! Impassable in summer, experience snow trekking through the beech forest(Hachimantai Mountain Hotel)

Experience the overwhelming presence and impact of the frozen waterfall in the peak of winter

National Park Hachimantai! Go see frozen Nanataki Falls at the entrance to the Mt. Iwate trail with a guide. We will take the four person high-speed ski lift and then trek through a beech forest that is impassable in summer. Cross valleys while looking for animal tracks and claw marks where bears have climbed the trees. This route is normally inaccessible by individuals but trust in the knowledge of your accompanying guide. The 28-meter drop and beautiful hues of the completely frozen Nanataki Falls is a highlight. The return journey to Hachimantai Mountain Hotel is by snow raft (boat). Enjoy a snowshoe trekking course that is rich in variety and cannot be experienced anywhere else!

General Information

*Snow shoe and pole rental charged separately (¥1,500)
*Prices shown valid as of May 2023
Opening Times
9:00 a.m.~6 p.m.
15 minutes by car from Matsuo-Hachimantai interchange
70 minutes by bus from Morioka station
Official Website
Hachimantai Mountain Hotel Nature Guide Station
3.5 hours
Please inquire in advance regarding guidance in English.


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