Viewing of "Niigata Furumachi Geigi Dance" at the former Saito family's villa, a former wealthy merchant's tatami room

You can enjoy the dance of Niigata Furumachi Geigi, which boasts a 200-year tradition, at the residence of a former wealthy merchant in the center of Niigata City at a date and time of your choice.

There will be an introduction and experience of taking pictures with geiko and playing ozashiki (Japanese-style tatami room). (Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets included)

Please enjoy "Niigata Furumachi Geigi no Mai (Dance of Niigata Geigi)," which conveys Niigata's hospitality culture to the present.

Contents (Assuming the program starts at 14:00)

14:00 Explanation of Minatomachi Niigata and Niigata Furumachi Geigi

14:05 Performance of Niigata Furumachi Geigi's dance

14:15 Introduction and experience of touring tour

14:25 Difference between Furisode and Tomesode, Q&A

14:35 Take photos with Niigata Furumachi Geigi

   (MC will take pictures with your camera or cell phone)

14:40 End of viewing

   Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets will be served *Serving time depends on the number of guests

General Information

新潟県Niigata CityChuo Ward
Enkikan: 2,500 yen/person (fixed rate of 50,000 yen for groups of less than 20)
Former Saito family's villa: 3,000 yen/person (fixed rate of 60,000 yen for groups of less than 20)
Opening Times
Hours: April 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024
*Excluded: Sundays, Mondays, national holidays, Obon, year-end and New Year's holidays
Tsubankikan: 20 minutes by car from the Niigata Chuo IC on the Hokuriku Expressway
Former Saito Family Residence: 25 min. by car from Niigata Chuo IC on Hokuriku Expressway
Car Park
Enkikan: Bus parking available (reservation required, fee required)
Former Saito Family Residence: No bus parking available
Approximately 50 minutes (not including time for facility tour)
This plan requires advance reservations.
Please be sure to consult with us at the time of schedule consideration.


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