Ichinotaki and Ninotaki Waterfalls Valley

Plenty of negative ions! A hiking trail for beginners

Ichinotaki and Ninotaki Waterfalls Valley is a magnificent valley. It gathers the clear water of Mt. Chokai upstream of River Gakko. There is an approximately one hour and 30 minutes round-trip hiking trail even beginners can tackle with peace of mind because it is equipped with a boardwalk.

The hiking trail starts when you pass under the red torii gate from the parking lot. Ichinotaki Shrine will appear after you proceed for approximately five minutes through the dense beech forest. You will hear a thunderous roar as you approach the area near the shrine. The intensity of that will increase the closer you reach the waterfall. Ichinotaki Waterfall is a powerful waterfall. The water falls straight down from the cliff into the basin. Proceed on the boardwalk while listening to the babbling of the valley for a further approximately 20 minutes from Ichinotaki Waterfall. You will then be able to see Ninotaki Waterfall. The water splashes down in two from behind a giant cedar tree here. It is a beautiful waterfall that is balanced in contrast to Ichinotaki Waterfall. Please enjoy the superb view of this waterfall that flows elegantly in two lines with large rocks lined up in front of it. 

This valley is located at the foot of Mt. Chokai. Therefore, both waterfalls have an overwhelming volume of water when the snow thaws. The beauty of this valley made by the waterfalls falling down between giant rocks and a beech forest reveals a completely different landscape depending on the season when you visit: fresh greenery in the spring, the cool of the evening in the summer and the colored leaves in the fall. You can enjoy this trail all year around. However, it is covered with snow to the extent you will need snowshoes in the winter. Accordingly, we recommend that an instructor accompany you in the winter. In the coldest period, the whole of Ninotaki Waterfall will freeze and turn into a giant icicle. The Ninotaki Waterfall Icicle Sightseeing Party held on the first Sunday of every February is a poplar event. A round trip takes approximately three to four hours. Nevertheless, your tiredness will surely be blown away by the mysterious pale icicle that you can only see in this period.

General Information

●Approx. 20 minutes by car from JR Yuza Station
●Approx. 35 minutes by car from Sakata Minato IC on the Yamagata Expressway
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