Kujiranami Matsushima Onsen

A new hot spring resort with copious volumes of water, views over the Sea of Japan and delicious seafood

This new hot spring area was first opened up in 1991. The spring water wells up from 1,400m underground and is a private spring with abundant water resources, boasting a flow of 140 litres per minute. The waters are renowned for leaving skin feeling moisturised and supple and as well as having beautifying properties, are also said to be effective for easing joint pain, muscle aches and bruises.

Situated close to the scenic Kujiranami coast, you can see the Sea of Japan from the hot spring! After taking a dip in the ocean and trying your luck fishing off the seawalls, there is nothing better than to return to a hot spring bath, where you can soak as you watch the sun sink beneath the horizon over the sea.

At accommodation facility Metropolitan Matsushima you can enjoy delicious meals that include the freshest abalone and nodoguro (rockfish) from the sea, as well as freshly harvested seasonal fruits and vegetables. Why not try the local specialty tai-chazuke (sea bream on rice with green tea)?!

General Information

Day use fee 700 yen
Opening Times
Day use: 11:00-20:00
(Summer, Year-end/New Year/Golden Week: 11:00-15-00, 18:30-20:00)
5 minutes by car from Yoneyama Interchange and 15 minutes by car from Kashiwazaki Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
5 minutes on foot from Kujiranami Station, or 10 minutes by taxi from Kashiwazaki Station on the Shin'etsu Main Line
Car Park
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Metropolitan Matsushima
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