Doroyu Onsen

Doroyu Onsen

These rustic, chic hot spring inns deep in the mountains are hidden gems!

Doroyu Onsen is said to have been founded 1,200 years ago. The small village nestled deep in the mountains is home to two traditional hot spring inns whose chic wooden architecture stands in harmony with the surrounding mountains.

The characteristic murky hot spring water gave rise to the name “Doroyu” (mud) and ranges in colour from mustard yellow to cloudy white. Visitors can enjoy a variety of hot spring waters from different source springs including sulphur water and sulphate water.

Be sure to sample the local specialty, tasty black eggs boiled in the hot spring water that are said to bring a long life!

“Kawarage Jigoku” is a sacred location known as one of Japan’s three most awe-inspiring sources of hot spring waters. A strong smell of sulphur indicates the presence of a hot spring source, and visitors will marvel at the sight of steam gushing from crevasses in the dynamic landscape of rocky hills. “Kawarage Oyutaki Waterfall” is a hidden gem among these rocks. The basin of the waterfall is itself a hot spring open to the public during summer.

*Please note that there are some locations emitting hydrogen sulphide, do not enter areas marked with red Keep Out signs.

A thematic journey in the Tohoku region:Hot springs

General Information

45 minutes by car from Yuzawa Station
30 minutes by car from Sukawa IC
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