Toshichi Onsen

Toshichi Onsen

Refresh your soul in these open-air baths at the highest point of Tohoku!

Toshichi Onsen is located 1,400m above sea level in Tohoku’s highest mountainous area. Nestled in the mountains, Saiunso hot spring is a hidden gem where visitors can enjoy a soak in a mountain lodge oozing with rustic charm. The Onsen features open air baths with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding natural beauty. The hot spring features a popular mixed-gender open-air bath with milky-white sulphuric spring water bubbling up from below. The Onsen also has indoor baths for men and women and a separate open-air bath for women. Large bath towels are available at the on-site shop for visitors wanting to bathe in the mixed-gender hot spring.

The simple sulphuric water is said to be beneficial for high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and a range of other ailments. Toshichi Onsen also offers a unique mud bath utilising the spring’s natural salt-rich sediments. The natural mud mask leaves skin smooth and silky!

The view from the open-air baths takes in the popular snow walls of the Aspite Line and the Jukai Line in late April. The Onsen is refreshing with pleasant breezes even in summer thanks to its location. In October guests can enjoy the orange tint of the milky-white hot spring water’s morning glow thanks to the vibrant surrounding autumn foliage.

Please note that Toshichi Onsen opens from late April to late October and is closed during winter. Roads between Hachimantai Chojo and Toshichi Onsen are closed during the night-time throughout the year.

Enjoy sampling the local speciality “Seasoned Black Eggs”, eggs hard-boiled in the hot spring water and seasoned with salt, as part of your hot spring experience in the magnificent natural surroundings of Hachimantai!

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General Information

Opening Times
Open: From late April to late October
60 minutes by car from Matsuo-Hachimantai IC on Tohoku Expressway via Hachimantai Asupite Line or Jukai Line

110 minutes by Iwate Kenpoku bus bound for Hachimantai Chojo from JR Morioka Station, get off at Matsuo Kozan Siryokan, take the bus bound for Hachimantai Horaikyo and get off at Toshichi Onsen

105 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Morioka Station (available for guests only)
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