Sekiyama Waterfall

Sekiyama Otaki

Marvel at this dynamic waterfall descending into a gorgeous emerald green plunge pool below!

Sekiyama Waterfall is a 15-metre wide waterfall dropping 10 metres over a unique rocky surface into a beautiful emerald green plunge pool. This dynamic waterfall is an off-the-beaten-track scenic gem said to be filled with refreshing negative-ions.

Sekiyama Waterfall is located along Route 48 behind Otaki Drive-in Izumiya, an old-fashioned restaurant and souvenir shop. Visitors can enjoy sampling a wide range of local specialties including chars and ayu fish, konjac balls, grilled miso rice balls and Oden hot pot while enjoying superb views of the waterfall from the restaurant’s window-side tables.

After enjoying the astonishing view of the waterfall from above, a series of steep, narrow steps descends to the basin below offering more vibrant views of the waterfall. A red bridge brings visitors to the plunge pool flowing on down the river. The river water is so clear that schools of fish can clearly be seen below the water surface and the river is the perfect swimming location during summer when the emerald green water reflects the surrounding verdant greens.

The surrounding gorge is particularly impressive when the leaves change colours from mid-October to early November. The massive Katsura tree nearby, a designated prefectural natural monument, is a must-see.

In winter the waterfall blanketed in snow creates a magical view. Best of all the waterfall is located just across from the car park so visitors can enjoy the enchanting snowy view without freezing their toes off!

General Information

40 minutes by car from Yuza Station to Fukura-guchi (Odaira)
40 minutes by car from Sakata Station to Yunodai-guchi
Shere-ride taxi services are offered from Sakata Station or Yuza Station to the trail entrance during the climbing season.
Car Park
Parking: Available
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