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Hirosaki Castle, Oirase & Lake Towada, Kakunodate,
Matsushima, Sendai

  • Aomori 2N
  • Sendai 3N
Cherry Blossom Season
2Days 6,000yen,3Days 8,000yen 2Days 6,000yen,3Days 8,000yen
Numbers of tourist attractions and events in Japan are temporarily closed or cancelled due to the prevention of Coronavirus (Covid-19)
The information might change day by day, so we advise you to check their official websites before visiting.
"Michinoku Tour Information 9:00~" (Exchange voucher for "Tohoku Highway Bus Ticket (THBT)")
Sendai Airport (Bus stop ②) 9:40DptMatsushima-Kaigan Sta. 10:38Arr (Airport Bus ¥1,000)
…(Storage your baggage at Matsushima-Kaigan Sta. the coin locker) …
Matsushima sightseeing (Preasure cruise, Godaido Temple, Entsuin Temple, Oysters lunch 11:00~16:00… Matsushima-Kaigan Sta. (Pick-up baggage)
Matsushima-Kaigan 16:13Dpt → Sendai 16:51Arr (JR Senseki Line ¥420)
Stay at a hotel in Sendai
Sendai Sta. (Bus stop 40) 7:30DptHirosaki Bus terminal 11:50Arr (Express bus / Reservation required "THBT"¥5,700)
Hirosaki Bus terminal 12:00DptHirosaki Sta. 12:03Arr (City circulation bus every 10 minutes ¥100)…(Storage your luggage at Hirosaki Sta. the coin locker)…
Hirosaki Sta. 12:15DptHirosaki City Hall 12:25Arr (City circulation bus ¥100)…(4 min by Walk)…Hirosaki Castle Park sightseeing (12:30~15:00)
… (4 min by Walk)…Hirosaki City Hall 15:20DptHirosaki Sta. 15:45Arr (City circulation bus ¥100)…(Pick-up baggage)…
Hirosaki 16:16DptAomori 17:04Arr (JR Ou honsen Line ¥680)
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Aomori Sta. (Bus stop 11) 8:15DptHakkoda Ropeway 9:09Arr (Local bus "THBT")Hakkoda Ropeway sightseeing (9:20~11:00 "Snow Monster")
Hakkoda Ropeway 11:12DptMakado-Iwa 12:30Arr (Local bus "THBT")Oirase Stream sightseeing (18min~72min/Freely select the next bus)
Makado-Iwa 12:52DptLake Towada 13:10Arr (Local bus "THBT") Lake Towada sightseeing & lunch
Lake Towada 15:20DptAomori Sta. 17:59Arr (Local bus "THBT" Round trip ¥6,180)
Stay at a hotel in Aomori
Aomori Sta. (Bus stop 8) 7:20DptMorioka Sta. 10:04Arr (Express bus "THBT" ¥3,400)
Morioka 10:57DptKakunodate 11:41Arr (Akita Shinkansen ¥2,700)
…(Storage your luggage at Kakunodate Sta. the coin locker)…Kakunodate Sta. 12:16DptDenshokan-iriguchi 12:27Arr
Kakunodate Cherry blossom & "Samurai House" sightseeing (12:30~14:00)…(Walk or Taxi)…Kakunodate Sta. (Pick-up baggage)
Kakunodate 14:21DptOmagari 14:31Arr (Akita Shinkansen ¥1,420)…(4 min by Walk)…Omagari Bus terminal
Omagari Bus terminal 15:40DptSendai Sta. 19:15Arr (Express bus / Reservation required "THBT" ¥4,200)
Stay at a hotel in Sendai
Sendai city sightseeing (Site of Sendai Castle, Ichibancho / One-day Loople Sendai Pass ¥630)
Stay at a hotel in Sendai

Tohoku Highway Bus Ticket

3Days Pass (8,000yen)
(from Nornal fare)

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