Gourmet’s Paradise Tohoku

A route for appreciating a wide variety of Japanese sake, wine, and fruits in each season. Special products of the Tohoku region will surely satisfy gourmets form around the world.

A: Urakasumi Sake brewery SAURA

Having received the top award at contests both in Japan and overseas, the Saura Sake Brewery lives up to its reputation as a hallmark of Japanese tradition. Visit the brewery for a tasting and find your favorite sake.

B: Kamaboko Matsushima

This special local product from Matsushima that has always been a major area for fisheries, is a preserved food made from fish paste molded into a bamboo leaf shape.

C: Kitakata Ramen

Local ramen that is loved as one of the top 3 ramen noodles in Japan.

D: Murakami Salmon

Salmon is loved in Murakami and there are also many salmon dishes here, the number exceeds 100. There are a variety of cooking methods off ering a taste of every part of the salmon, from the head to the tail.

E: Dadacha-mame (soybeans)

They are called "the most delicious in Japan, and the most expensive edamame in Japan" and when eaten hot after boiling them, the umami tastiness spreads throughout the mouth.

F: Mt. Haguro Dewasanzan Shojin Ryori (Shrine cuisine)

Sharing the life of an ascetic monk and eating meals that do not use meat or seafood.

G: Imoni (boiled taro)

It is a stew of taro, beef, konnyaku and leeks boiled in a pot, and seasoned with a soy sauce base, according to the area.

H: Tour of the Ichinokura Co.,Ltd.

An area blessed with abundant water and high-quality rice, and by keeping to traditional techniques and handmade methods, an even higher quality sake is made.

  • A: Urakasumi Sake brewery SAURA
  • B: Kamaboko Matsushima
  • C: Kitakata Ramen
  • D: Murakami Salmon
  • E: Dadacha-mame (soybeans)
  • F: Mt. Haguro Dewasanzan Shojin Ryori (Shrine cuisine)
  • G: Imoni (boiled taro)
  • H: Tour of the Ichinokura Co.,Ltd.

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