Sakura Express Bus(Sakura Kotsu Co., Ltd.)

To be a bus company that can increase smiles

Taking an express bus to meet a friend who lives in another town. Going on a trip with friends on a chartered bus. Please imagine them. Aren't they situations where smiles appear naturally? In this present day where we are flooded with different types of entertainment, we think that the time spent with our friends that is more fun and fulfilling than anything, is something we share with many. Fill the distance via transport and vice versa. We are a company who wants to boost the number of smiles through transport. To achieve that, what should we do? We keep asking and seeking - that is us, Sakura Kotsu. from the website

General Information

Depends on the section of the lines・season. Only "Natorin" which is being operated in Nattori City - Machinaka Junkan Line: Fixed fare 150yen・Medeshima Line: 150~400 yen (half price for children). Natorin also has fixed fares for other routes.
Opening Times
The main bus stops are from the railway stations (same name as the bus stops) within a 5 min distance on foot
Official Website
official website
Alcohol and smoking are prohibited in all cars. Pets are not allowed to board.
Target Period
All year・Weekend operations are available sometimes
Operation Time
Depends on all lines
With/Without Advance Reservation
With/Without Excursion Pass
Purchase Location
YCAT 1st Lobby
How to Purchase
Reservations via phone, reservations online, reservations via mobile appliation, reservation devices (※Yokohama City Air Terminal), Yokohama Sendai Sales Office counters
Sales Period
All year
Applicable Transportation Facility
Sakura Express Bus
Language Support
English website & Thai website


Sakura Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Telephone Number
E-mail address

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