Sendai City【City Bus One Day Pass】 

Unlimited rides on the city bus for all areas and lines in the city, including nearby areas and lines. Said areas are the places where the bus stops, as according to the released picture.

Unlimited rides on the city bus in all areas and lines, as well as nearby areas for one day (cannot be used with Loople Sendai and Rakuten Shuttle Bus). Sales are not available in the bus so please purchase at the ticket counter in advance. 

You can also enjoy discounts at establishments.

<Sendai City Area Pass (all lines at all areas charged 260yen from Sendai Station)>

          Adults→650yen Children→330yen

<Near Sendai City (All lines at all areas charged 360yen from Sendai Station)>

          Adults→1,000yen Children→500yen

※How to Use

・Passengers may ride freely within the city or suburbs throughout the day chosen by the passenger.

・The date of use is set by scratching the date on the ticket.

・When getting off, please put your numbered ticket into the farebox and show your pass to the bus attendant.

General Information

Miyagi Sendai City
Official Website
Purchase Location
All Sendai City Transportation Bureau Sales Offices, Branch Offices and bus pass ticket counters (not sold in the bus itself)


Sendai City Transportation Bureau Information Center
Telephone Number