Sappa Boat Adventures

A great adventure on the sea in a fisherman's rock boat!

An exhilarating cruise on a "sappa boat" (a small rock boat) operated by local fishermen. You will feel the size of the ocean and be overwhelmed by the power of the 200-meter-high cliffs that you can look up at from directly below.

The boat takes you through narrow rocks that almost touch the rock surface, allowing you to get very close to the cliffs and strange and monstrous rocks, so you can fully enjoy the powerful and dynamic coastline of Tanohata. The rocking of the small boat and the tilting of the boat when changing course are the essence of adventure. There are no tricks, but the thrill you feel with your whole body is like a natural attraction at a theme park. It is a 60-minute tour in which you can also enjoy the interaction with the fishermen.

※For safety reasons, a person who understands Japanese must accompany each ship.

General Information

岩手県Shimo-sei-gun,142-3 Deshaku, Tanohata-mura,(Deshaku Fishing Port)
3,800 yen for junior high school students and older, 3,000 yen for elementary school students and younger (from 2 persons)
In case of only one person, etc., the minimum fare for one boat is 7,600 yen
Opening Times
the New Year's holiday
Approximately 130 minutes from Morioka Station by car
Approximately 10 minutes from Sanriku Railway Tanohata Station by shared sightseeing cab (advance reservation required)
Car Park
Official Website
Banya Ecotourism
Experience Village, Tanahata Network Facebook page
1 hour
For safety reasons, a person who understands Japanese must accompany each ship.


Experience Village, Tanahata Network
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