Imoni Festival

Nihonichi-no-Imonikai Festival

Come and enjoy a delicious bowl of traditional soup at Japan’s biggest Imoni festival!

Imoni is a traditional Tohoku stew of taro and meat. It is particularly popular in Yamagata each autumn when locals can be found gathering for riverside Imoni parties. The Yamagata Imoni Festival is Japan’s biggest Imoni festival and takes place in Yamagata each September. The festival features a massive six-metre cauldron of Imoni big enough to serve 30,000 guests. Specially-adapted excavators mix the stew including 3 tons of taro, this incredible sight is a feast in itself!

Each area in the surrounding region has its own Imoni recipe. The festival offers Imoni in the traditional style of Yamagata city which is a soy sauce-flavoured stew with taro and beef.

Arriving early is recommended as the massive cauldron of Imoni is served on a first-come, first-served basis. Come and join this amazing outdoor party and sample the tasty Imoni for yourself!

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Mamigasaki Riverside, Yamagata City (near Sotsuki Bridge)


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