Make your own original bracelet with jade, Japan’s national stone(Garden Museum Management Council)

Make your very own bracelet combining a round jade bead, natural stones, and crystals

Sit at a jade table and make your own bracelet comprised of a round jade bead, natural stones, and crystals. Men's bracelets can be made larger than women's. This activity takes place at the Gyokusuien Garden and Tanimura Art Museum, a Japanese “contemplation” garden (designed to be viewed from inside a building, such as from a seated position in a room or the main hall of a temple) and an art museum displaying carved wooden Buddhist statues. Do visit the garden and museum. Please note that there is no guided tour of the museum.

General Information

Jade bead ladies: ¥3,500 (incl. tax)
Jade bead men’s: ¥5,000 (incl. tax)
Separate admission fee for the Gyokusuien Garden and Tanimura Art Museum: ¥400
Opening Times
9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Tuesdays from December to mid-March (if Tuesday is a national holiday, the following day)
December 29 to January 3
Minimum participants: 1


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