Papillary hot spring village "Yumeguri" (bus)

Papillary hot spring village "Yumeguri" (bus)

Touring 7 inns in Nyuto Onsenkyo

The Nyuto Onsenkyo "Yumeguri-go" is a shuttle bus that circulates among the seven inns in Nyuto Onsenkyo.

Purchasing a "Yumeguri-cho" or "Yumeguri-Map" for those staying at inns in Nyuto Onsen-kyo will allow you to board the shuttle bus.       

You can take a bath at 7 association member bathhouses (Tsuru-no-yu, Myono-yu, Kaniba, Ogama, Magoroku, Kuroyu, and Kakuenmura).

The price is 1,800 yen for a yumeguri book (600 yen for a yumeguri map), which is sold only to guests staying at the hotel. Now on sale at the front desk of each facility!

General Information

-1 Komagatake, Tazawako Ikuhouchi, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture
Depends on each hot spring resort
One day trip bathing fee
Kuroyu Onsen: 600 yen
Magoroku Onsen: 520 yen
Kaniba Onsen: 600 yen
Ogama Onsen: 600 yen
Myonoyu: 800 yen
Tsuru-no-yu hot spring: 600 yen
Vacation Village Nyuto Onsenkyo: 600 yen
2 hours 50 minutes from Tokyo Station
1 hour and 16 minutes from Sendai Station
35 minutes from Morioka Station
57 minutes from Akita Station
1 hour and 5 minutes from Haneda Airport
55 minutes from New Chitose Airport
1 hour and 40 minutes from Itami Airport
1 hour and 25 minutes from Chubu International Airport
2 hours 10 minutes from Akita Airport - Nyuto Onsen by Akita Airport Liner
By car
About 1 hour from Morioka IC of Tohoku Expressway
About 1 hour and 30 minutes from Akita City
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Nyuto Hot Spring Association
Secretariat: Holiday Village Nyuto Onsenkyo
Telephone Number