Takada Castle Site Park

Takada Joshi Koen

A castle park full of seasonal charms

Takada Park is home to castle ruins and is famous for its gorgeous cherry blossoms. In spring, many visitors come here for the Takada Castle Cherry Blossom Festival. The highlight is Sakura Road, a tunnel of cherry blossom trees illuminated at night. The park is known as one of the top three cherry blossom night viewing locations in Japan and attracts visitors with its popular views of the three-storied pagoda and cherry blossom trees illuminated by lanterns reflecting on the water of the surrounding moat.

During summer the outer moats are filled with lotus flowers in bloom and the dazzling view is known as one of the most beautiful scenes in the Orient. The Joetsu Lotus Flower Festival is held here when they are in full bloom.

Many visitors come to the park for the autumn colours and the picturesque snow scenes are a highlight during winter. The park offers seasonal beauty throughout the year.

Inside the restored three-storied pagoda historical goods of the Takada Domain (a local feudal domain) are on display. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Takada Castle Site Park  from the top floor. The illuminated Takada castle has been selected as one of Japan’s top three castle night views, along with Osaka and Kochi castles.

General Information

Free admission
10 minutes by bus from "Takada Station" on Myoko Haneuma Line of Echigo Tokimeki Railway

15 minutes by car from "Joetsu IC" on Hokuriku Expressway
Car Park
Ordinary vehicle parking: Approx. 850 cars
(Temporary parking lots are available at a nearby site during the Cherry Blossom Festival period.)
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Joetsu City Urban Development Division
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