Yutagami Onsen

A hot spring to relax both mind and body, where you can also try Zen meditation

This hot spring lies on the flanks of Mt. Gomado and looks out over the entire Echigo Plain. Thanks to the effective properties of its waters it has long been known as the “Spring of Medicinal Water” and has been popular with visitors seeking a cure to their ailments since it first opened in 1738. It used to be known as the “ox water” as it was said that if you bathed in the waters on the midsummer day of the ox, you would remain healthy and disease-free for an entire year.

Today the hot spring area has transformed in step with the changing times, but there are still places here and there to remind visitors of the old town scenery and it is fun to tour the various springs in town. The hydrangea garden that spreads over the summit of Mt. Gomado is also a splendid sight. From late June to July approximately 30,000 hydrangea plants all bloom in a riot of colours from red to blue and purple and white.

This hot spring is also unusual in that guests staying the night can choose to try Zen meditation. Just a short walk from all ryokan is Toryuji Temple, which offers free Zen experiences (only on certain days and at certain times). Why not come to refresh your mind at the temple and your body in a hot spring?

Another enjoyable part of any visit is cuisine made using seasonal ingredients, such as bamboo shoots in spring and mushrooms in autumn. The mushrooms from this region are particularly well known for their good flavour. Come and enjoy fresh and flavourful seasonal produce.

General Information

5 minutes by taxi from Tagami Station on the Shin'etsu Main Line
30 minutes by car from Sanjo-Tsubame Interchange on the Hokuriku Expressway
30 minutes by car from Niitsu Interchange on the Ban'etsu Expressway
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