Mount Iimori


Reflect on the tragedy of these young worriers

Located 314 metres above sea level, Mount Iimori overlooks the former castle town of Aizuwakamatsu. You can reach the top of the mountain via a path of 183 steps or taking the convenient travelator.

The graves of the 19 members of Byakkotai (“White Tiger Force”) at Mount Iimori commemorate the tragedy of the Aizu War, a local battle of the Boshin War in 1868. The Byakkotai was made up of teenage warriors who fought for the local Aizu feudal domain. When they saw Tsuruga Castle surrounded by clouds of smoke they believed the castle was in flames and committed suicide for their master. Nowadays many people still come to memorial services for these young warriors. Visitors can see the castle exactly as it was when the Byakkotai observed it from this tragic spot. The grave of the sole surviving member is located nearby.

There are monuments from Italy and Germany honouring the Byakkotai for their loyalty. Visitors can also see the canal cave through which the Byakkotai retreated from the battlefield of Tonoguchihara.

The Byakkotai Memorial Museum, the Byakkotai Museum of History and an Important Cultural Property, Takizawa Honjin are in the neighbourhood. Mount Iimori is also home to the Important Cultural Property of Sazae-do which attracts many visitors throughout the year.

Located on the mountainside, Iimori Bunten is a convenient place to take a break and have lunch while enjoying wonderful views of the city of Aizuwakamatsu.

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