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Enjoy a premium experience in Aomori

Small-group guided walking tour to enjoy the fascination of moss

The Oirase Stream, which has been selected as one of "Japan's precious moss forests," is covered with moss on trees, rocks, and everything else, and the forest, which is mainly made up of deciduous broad-leaved trees, looks like a natural moss garden. The "Moss Walk" is a small-group guided tour to learn about the natural history and ecosystem of the Oirase forest and enjoy the charm of nature through the unique characteristics of the Oirase area. You will be impressed by the beauty of mosses and their various designs, which will surely lead you to new discoveries. The area is also famous for its beautiful mountain streams, designated as a national natural monument, and is a popular photo spot.

Kounan Railway Train Depot Tour and Russell Car Operation Experience    

The Hiraga Station on the Konan Line, where the headquarters of Konan Railway is located, houses a rail yard that is a key facility for safe operation.

Kounan Railway will hold special events at the rail yard, which is not usually open to the public, including a tour of repair techniques, which are rare in Japan, and an experience of operating retro railcars such as Russell cars.

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Enjoy a premium experience in Iwate

Hachimantai Dragon Eye and Early Spring Alpine Flora Trekking

Kagami-numa, one of the crater lakes at the top of Hachimantai, one of Japan's 100 most famous mountains, is home to the increasingly popular dragon eye during the thawing of the snow from late May to early June.

This is a phenomenon unique to Kagami-numa where snow melts, leaving a ring of snow in the center and blue water around it, "It looks like a dragon's eye! The name "dragon's eye" was given to the area after a post on a social networking service that said, "It looks like a dragon's eye!

Sappa Boat Adventures

An exhilarating cruise on a "sappa boat" (a small rock boat) operated by local fishermen. You will feel the size of the ocean and be overwhelmed by the power of the 200-meter-high cliffs that you look up at from directly below.

The boat takes you through narrow rocks that almost touch the rock surface, allowing you to get very close to the cliffs and strange and monstrous rocks, so you can fully enjoy the powerful and dynamic coastline of Tanohata. The rocking of the small boat and the tilting of the boat when changing course are the essence of adventure. There are no tricks, but the thrill you feel with your whole body is like a natural attraction at a theme park. It's a 60-minute ride where you can also enjoy the interaction with the fishermen.

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Enjoy a premium experience in Miyagi

Shiroishi Castle Armor Dressing Experience

Ashigaru-san" will dress you in armor modeled after famous military commanders (Kojuro Katakura and Yukimura Sanada). You will be able to wear a helmet, body, and handcuffs to feel as if you were a warlord. After choosing and fitting your armor, you will be instructed on how to draw and hold your sword. You do not need to bring anything with you on the day, but please wear comfortable clothes, avoiding skirts (as you will not be able to wear the armor on your legs) and tank tops (to avoid contact between your bare skin and the armor).

Hashigo-zake experience with a local guide in Showa Retro Yokocho!   

This is a tour of Sendai's "hard-to-get-into izakayas" with a back alley master.

You will visit 3 izakayas of different genres and enjoy food and drinks at each one.

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Enjoy a premium experience in Akita

Shirakami River Trekking

This is a special experience walking along a beautiful clear stream flowing from the vast beech forest of the World Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi. It is unlikely that you will encounter other people. You may encounter birds, fish, animals, and traces of the old forest railroad. A guide will accompany you, so don't worry even if it is your first time to walk in the stream. After meeting at the World Heritage Center Fujisatokan, we will take a vehicle to the field. The river is so clean that you can see the bottom. You can even swim if it is hot. Lunch (included in the tour fee) will be served by the clear stream. This is a day where you can feel the pristine nature with your whole body.

Akita Dog Petting Experience   

Experience natural interaction with Akita dogs under the care of Japan's leading Akita dog breeder, who was in charge of raising Zagitova's Masaru. Visitors can walk and play with cute puppies that look like stuffed toys and fearless grown-up dogs. The experience of interacting with Akita dogs growing up in a natural environment, not through a wire fence, will provide you with a fulfilling time that you can only experience here.

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Enjoy a premium experience in Yamagata

Mibuchi Valley Canoe Tour  

Located deep in Nagai Lake, this canoe field is a perfect example of an unexplored region. From the start, it takes about one hour one way to paddle through the V-shaped canyon with mountains towering several hundred meters above the ground. What you see before you is a powerful cliff more than 50 meters high. Praying to nature and the gods, you enter a sacred area, where the air is cool and refreshing even in mid-summer. The Mibuchi Valley, which stretches for about 250 meters, is a power spot where legends also remain.

Iai Battoujutsu Samurai Experience" at the birthplace of Iaido    

After visiting Japan's only Iaido shrine dedicated to the founder of Iaido, Shigenobu Hayashizaki Jinsuke, you will learn the etiquette and basic form of Iaido, "Shohatto," from a high rank Iaido practitioner, and experience "Teshizashi," a Battoujutsu (cutting with a serious weapon through a tatami mat cylinder). This is a valuable experience that allows visitors to come into contact with the techniques and Japanese swords that have been passed down through the generations.

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Enjoy a premium experience in Fukushima

Nakanosawa-Nujiri Extreme Hot Springs

A completely new hot spring area that offers a unique and superlative active experience.

The surrounding landscape created by nature has a unique atmosphere, and the vast hot spring fields created in the valley are a sight to behold!

Bathing in the open-air baths while appreciating nature's bounty is an overwhelmingly extraordinary experience.

Beach Hula Experience Taught by Former Hula Girl Teacher

Former hula girl Ayumi Rinolani, a 23rd grade student, teaches at "Hālau Laura-Nani," a prominent hula school in Iwaki City. After leaving the classroom, you will learn hula on one of Iwaki City's best shallow beaches overlooking the Shioyazaki Lighthouse! Hula dancers of all genders, from adults to children, are welcome, and families are welcome to join. After arriving at Usuiso Beach, we will move to the beach for a hula lesson. You don't need to bring anything! There may be a surprise present from the teacher!

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Enjoy a premium experience in Niigata

Sake Tasting at a Shrine

This is an experience that allows you to enjoy Japanese history, culture and sake culture to the fullest. You can learn about the long history and relationship between shrines and sake.

By having a sake tasting in the special space of a shrine, you will become a sake master in Niigata, the kingdom of sake.

Hammering experience for pure copper tumblers, etc.    

One of Tsubame City's traditional metalworking products is "hammered copperware," which is made by hammering a sheet of copper into shape. At the Tsubame City Industrial Museum, visitors can not only learn about the manufacturing process, but can also easily experience one of the hammering processes in the "Hammering Experience".

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